Future App Game

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Heroes with a goal

Every participating teacher and student are our heroes. But hero's can never accomplish anything great without goals to achieve and obstacles to overcome.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that learners of all ages are creative, intelligent and can accomplish incredible entries that often surprise and humble us.

But they can not do this without a focus for their talents and energy. The Future App and Game Designer Challenge gives students the target they need to drive their passion and ingenuity. By giving them a goal for success and a reward for achievement we intend to propel them into their future careers.

If you have ever dreamed of being a game or mobile application designer, programmer, artist or marketer – then this competition is for you. Our competitive events will allow you to compete against teams with similar backgrounds, resources and training. We know this will give all the competitors a level and fair playing field where passion will win the day.

We look forward to seeing your submission.

About Us

Future App Game is our stage for many long standing competitions. We have a long history of encouraging students through fair and balanced competition. We provide diverse and exciting opportunity available to all learners with a desire to prove their personal excellence, represent their school or organisation, and demonstrate their real world value.

We have years of judging experience, and a strong desire to see students succeed. We feel the best way to do that, is to give them a target to aim for. To judge them in an impartial and fair way. To offer real rewards for real work. To offer constructive criticism along with opportunities for the future. We offer a chance to immortalise themselves on our wall of success.

Impartiality and fairness are our watchwords. We love seeing what students can accomplish and we love providing a vehicle for their achievement. We want to see everyone grow in exciting ways, to develop their talent, generate self-worth and increase confidence in their desired field.

We await your entry eagerly.