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Eula's Cube

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Your job is to navigate Cubous the robot through a complex factory space by helping the robot to solve mid point and distance problems. The factory includes sliding doors, mazes, elevators and cranes to live your robot across missing sections of floor.

The game even comes with a built in calculator and scratch paper so you can do the necessary calculations you need to move forward through the game.


The Galactic Adventures of Ike
by team TADA from Blaine High School Blaine MN

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The game starts as Ike wakes up from a dream and starts his first day in training. After he graduated , he and his friend, Orana are working on a mission to find a missing ship. When he arrives at this destination, the Raínah challenges him, and then proceeds to escape in his ship. You then get congratulated by the commander and win the game. The game tests the player on space science and basic math skills.


Tyson’s space adventure

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On a research mission to Pluto, the Voyager-23 experienced a collision with an asteroid and its only surviving member is Tyson. He communicates with NASA who informs him that he must return from planet to planet and gather parts of the ship to rebuild it. Tyson now races against time and his oxygen tank to get from Pluto to Earth in peace!


Meteor RUSH!

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This game places the player in the cockpit of a star fighter. As a young recruit of an Earthly Defence Force. The are sent to take down the invading Martians. Using math and Algebra! The players have to decipher the math codes to bring down the wave of alien attackers. Each level offers more attackers and more challenging mathematical problems. The game is fast paced, exciting and a great learning tool.


Gravity Shape

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The player steps into a lab where gravity is not just a law but a plaything. The player can pick up different shapes and drop them to experiment with gravitational acceleration elastic collisions. This is an excellent start for a physics simulation game ideal for letting a learner play with gravity. Judges were impressed with the developer's work to create realistic Gravity.