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Math Rush

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Mission Manager

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You must balance the needs of your people against the resources you have as you manage a mission. To fail will result in riots or your people abandoning your mission

This game demands that you think strategically about your resources and helps learners understand the challenges of early settlements.


The Cloud Game
by team Eele from the Bolles School Jacksonville FL

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There was a time that the world was plunged into chaos and politicians were corrupted. Then a hero that harnessed the power of the clouds laid down order to the world, and peace was restored. Now the hero is gone, studying the coulds from which he draws his power. Yet the darkness creeps back to corrupt the politicians. You must go and retrieve information about the clouds in order to harness their power and destroy the darkness once and for all. The game teaches the science and terminology of clouds.


Moon Rover

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You are driving a rover over the surface of the moon. To beat each level you need to get the special box and answer the questions to unlock the next level. If you hit an alien, the game is over.


Greek Nerds

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The Greek Alphabet has the character racing through ancient Greece in order to find the Greek letters necessary to decipher the ancient table that can send you back home. The winning entry has the players learning the Greek alphabet. As well as giving a glimpse in Greek culture of days past.