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Web Games Competition

The Challenge

This challenge has your team creating an edutainment game for a younger grade. Your game must help to teach subject matter that is specific to the grade you select.. The game should engage students in Math, Language, Science or important social issue. Your game must be appropriate to your target learner audience. The game must have a storyline and the play should support the theme of the game. A description of 2 additional levels must be included in the documentation for the game.

We await your entry eagerly.

Your Chance!

We believe there is power in knowledge and students have knowledge and insights into what they need to learn and how they can best learn it.

In this challenge we are giving you the student a voice to speak out, share and help others through your talents and passion for gaming. You are being given the chance to shape learning for the better and to improve, through dynamic educational gaming, the lives of others.

Are you up for it? Do you have what it takes to impact the world? If so, create the best game you can and show us what you got.

The rules, submission documentation and FAQ's and supporting videos are provided as part of your course. Please see the module entitled "Future App Game Competition" for further details.